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Leadership and Learning:Two Sides of the Same Coin


Introduction Christendom can be characterized as a massive learning community within which leadership is a critical element. In such a scenario, “Let this mind be in you” becomes a compelling imperative. The Instructor of record is Jesus Himself, and the co-in... More »

What is ‘Christian’ AboutChristian Leadership?


Introduction What is “Christian” about Christian leadership? In this article, I propose that theories of Christian leadership can be defined, implemented, and evaluated through qualitative and quantitative research (Alvesson and Skoldberg, 2000). Qualitative-r... More »

Editor’s Notes


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” The journey of launching this journal has included several false starts. However, we are pleased to fi nally put this into your hands (or computers). As you will discover, we intend that each of the ... More »